Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM)

Subsea manifold is a structure containing a system of valves, pipe headers and branched pipework that are designed to commingle and distribute produced fluids from multiple wells or to distribute injection fluids into the wells.



  • Provides an interface between the production pipelines, flowlines and subsea wells.
  •  Collects and distributes produced fluids from subsea wells (cluster or satellite).
  •  Distributes injection fluids, gas, chemicals and control fluids to subsea trees.
  •  Distributes electrical and hydraulic power.
  •  Custom anchor foundations depending on hydrodynamic analysis.
  •  Accommodates various flowline, header sizes and sensors.
  •  Provision of looped pipe headers to allow round trip pigging.
  •  Provision of field proven tie-in connection systems (Horizontal or Vertical)