Mechanical Maintenance
  • The core service since incorporation in the year 1992, specialised in the area of in-situ services and maintenance of rotating equipment like compressors, pumps, gas turbines, steam turbines, fans and turbo-expanders.
  • Scope of work includes reverse engineering casting products, specialised coatings for mechanical parts, maintenance of air intake, exhaust system and chimney stack.
  • Activities are carried out in our own facilities in Labuan Asian Supply Base and Kemaman Supply Base.
DOSH Equipment Maintenance
  • We are one of the few DOSH certified repairers in Malaysia who are specialised in inspection, repair, testing and refurbishment for boilers, furnaces, reformers as well as unfired pressure vessels.
Offshore Maintenance
  • Scope of work includes service and maintenance of offshore mechanical equipment, rotating equipment, boilers, unfired pressure vessels and instrumentation valves.
Control and Instrumentation
  • Replacement of instruments, devices, components and complete system upgrade.
  • Troubleshooting, repairing, construction and maintenance of instrumentation system.
Insulation and Refractory
  • Comprehensive insulation stock ranges that are delivered and installed timely.
  • Scope of work includes install, repair and maintenance of insulation and refractory works in existing as well as new plants.
Corrosion Engineering
  • Scope of work includes preservation and maintenance of assets to greatly reduce the economic impact of corrosion that leads to costly and time consuming repair works.
  • We do not only preserve the assets from worn out but extends the operating life span.
  • Strictly in accordance with the latest industry standard and regulatory requirement.
  • Turcomp is the approved inspector and applicator for Corrosion King Rust Stabilizer Self Leafing Interlocking Glass Flake Epoxy Primer Paint.
  • Corrosion CertificateCorrosion KING  HBECorrosion KING HBF
  • Flange management, controlled bolt tightening.
  • Hydro Testing, Chemical Cleaning, Hot Oil Flushing, Nitrogen / Helium Leak Detection Services.
Plant Construction
  • Turnkey solutions for the construction of power plants.
  • Hydro Testing, Chemical Cleaning, Hot Oil Flushing, Nitrogen / Helium Leak Detection Services.
  • Scope of work includes engineering, piping, civil, electrical, construction of material handling system
Training Division
  • Handle Training
  • Scope of capabilities include engineering, safety and offshore.