Our Background

Turcomp Engineering Services Sdn Bhd, a Bumiputera status company, was established in year 1992 in Labuan. The company name, Turcomp denotes TURbine & COMPressor, which was the initial business, specialised in providing maintenance services of rotating equipment for the process and power plants in the vicinity of Labuan. Since then, Turcomp has evolved to become an integrated services and solution provider, today Turcomp has 15 offices, 9 workshops and 5 warehouses across major cities in Malaysia

Our Responsibilities

Turcomp strives to be the major vendor and service provider in the Oil & Gas and Energy industry. With a team of professionals, engineers & technical staffs, Turcomp offers in-depth expertise in products and sourcing, engineering contracting and technical services for the Oil & Gas and Power Industry throughout Malaysia


“To be a high performance services and solutions provider,embracing client’s requirements by delivering cost-effective, reliable and high quality services and solutions, while nurturing an enriching, fulfilling and rewarding environment for our employees.”- Turcompians

OUR core business

Plant Turnaround and Maintenance Services
Industrial Equipment and Automation Solutions



License Number: 243046-P
Licensed Vendor and Service Provider With Over 350
Standardised Work & Equipment Categories (SWEC)

Manufacturing License


API Spec Q1® and API-6A Monogram

API Spec Q2®

API Spec 6D Monogram (PROFI Oilfield International Sdn Bhd)



A Committed and Dedicated Team of TÜV Accredited

Functional Safety Engineers for Safety Instrumented Systems

IEC 61508 and IEC 61511


MS ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management System

ISO 45001: 2018


060102, 060103, 090101, 100101, 110201, 110701, 130201,
130202, 130401, 130402, 140101, 140201, 140301, 140302,
220107, 220301, 220503, 220507


G7 (ME)


Boiler & Unfired Pressure Vessel Gas Contractor

Plant Engineering and Construction
  • Turnkey solutions for the construction of power plants, marine and large-scale materials handling facilities.
  • Scope of capabilities include civil/structural, mechanical and ECNI design, engineering, procurement and construction.
Mechanical Maintenance
  • The core service since incorporation in the year 1992, specialising in the area of in-situ services and maintenance of rotating equipment such as compressors, pumps, gas turbines, steam turbines, fans, turbo-expanders and materials handling systems including belt conveyors, ship unloaders, marine loading arms and other wharf equipment.
  • Scope of related activities to support these core services may include reverse engineering casting products, specialised coatings for mechanical parts, maintenance of air intake, exhaust and chimney stack as well as insulation and refractory works.
  • We have also successfully extended these activities to offshore facilities as well specifically for rotating equipment, boilers, unfired pressure vessels and valves.
DOSH Equipment Maintenance
  • We are one of the few active DOSH certified repairers in Malaysia who specialised in inspection, repair, testing and refurbishment for boilers,furnaces, reformers as well as unfired pressure vessels.
  • Oilfield Services
  • Our facility in Labuan is currently undergoing certification for API Q2 quality specifications and currently offers services which include repair, maintenance and refurbishment of valves, Christmas trees, chokes, subsurface safety relief valves, actuators and other ancillary equipment.
  • Our capabilities also include repairs, assembly and testing of various well control equipment including valves, chokes, Christmas trees,choke and kill manifolds, well control panels and BOPs.
  • Other specialised activities include service and repair of choke control console, assembly and testing of OEM well control equipment as well as engineering consultancy.
control and instrumentation
  • Replacement of instruments, devices, components, and complete system upgrade.
  • Troubleshooting, repairing, construction and maintenance of instrumentation system.
Corrosion Engineering
  • Scope of work includes preservation and maintenance of assets to greatly reduce the economic impact of corrosion that leads to costly and time consuming repair works.
  • We have the right product and technology knowhow not only to preserve the assets from wearing out prematurely but also extends the operating life span.
  • Strictly in accordance with the latest industry standard and regulatory requirement.
  • Flange management and controlled bolt tightening.
  • Hydro Testing, Chemical Cleaning, Hot Oil Flushing, Nitrogen/Helium Leak Detection Services.
  • Operation Excellence
  • Plant Operation Management: Safe and efficient plant operation management focusing on set of best practice systems such as Management, Operation and Safe working practices.
  • Plant Turnaround Management: Using a structured process based approach that defines how a plant TA should be managed in ensuring TA schedule,  budget, quality and safety objectives are achieved.
Training Division
  • Handle training
  • Scope of capabilities include engineering, safety and offshore