WIKA HPNV – High Pressure Needle Valve


The model HPNV high-pressure needle valves have been developed for high-pressure applications of 15,000 … 60,000 psi [1,034 … 4,136 bar]. The valve is particularly suitable for control panels, where the space is restricted, or for test benches.The non-rotating valve spindle prevents seizing and scoring, even if the valve is rarely opened or only partially closed. With the blow-out proof design of the valve, working safety is ensured, especially in applications with high pressure loading and frequent pressure cycles. The valve can be fully opened/closed with only 5 turns.The risk of unintentional loosening of the bonnet is minimised by a mechanical stop for the handle. Quick assembly and disassembly of the handle is possible thanks to the self-centering system. The valve design and high-quality sealing materials ensure long operating times and high tightness.

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