WIKA IBS/IBJ – Sampling and Injection Ball Valves


The monoblock with probe for sampling and injection processes has been designed to meet the requirements of the process industry. It is especially well suited to appli[1]cations in natural gas and aggressive media. The compact design integrates two shut-off valves to separate the process from the instrument side.The modular monoblock design allows using an arrangement of ball valves and/or needle valves. Injection valves have also an integrated non-return valve to prevent bi-directional flow. The integral probe is solidly attached to the valve and it is designed according to the flow condition in the pipeline. The valve seat design and the redundant seals of the valve body ensure high durability and tightness. In case the soft valve seat fails, the metal-to-metal seat will ensure that the valve can still be operated and set to a safe position. The tightness is guaranteed for the connection between the process and the measuring instrument and towards the atmosphere.The super-finished machining of the internal parts allows a very smooth and precise operation, even at high pressures and after long periods without valve operation. The surface finish is also minimising corrosion with aggressive media andmakes it easier to clean.

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